About Us

This book is an ongoing study course that suits everyone from entrepreneurs, to small business, to the direct marketer, all the way up to large public companies and their entire marketing department. I have taught this course to university professors, webmasters, graphic designers, secretaries, homemakers, writers, programmers, stock promoters, advertising agencies, retailers, manufacturers and more.

Marketing a company, product or service on the net is not rocket science, it’s easy! Believe me, if you can use a computer and a word processor, you can do this stuff. I’m providing you the same information I used to teach in my $800.00 four hour seminar. You will find this book to be a living lab, a work in progress, and just like your marketing efforts, it will never be finished, it continues to be alive with excitement, to change and grow, just as the internet itself changes grows on a daily basis.

Everything you read here is tested daily and continues to be refined and improved on daily basis. These are the marketing tactics I use every day to promote companies on the internet and I know they work. If you follow what I describe in these pages, and if you purchase the software tools required, you too can become a successful internet marketer and may very well be on your way to making more money than you ever thought possible using the internet.

A note to employers; Find someone on your staff that’s a bit of a propeller head, a curious person, a self starter, a go getter. That is to say, someone who might be doing a little desktop publishing, creative graphic design or comfortable using computer. They will take to the tools presented here, figure out how to use them and will get a genuine thrill watching your company web pages go to the top of the search engines.

A note to entrepreneurs; Marketing on the net is becoming more difficult and challenging than it used to be, it has in a sense become a full time job. Some of you will become internet marketing consultants using the knowledge you get from this book and take on clients. Depending on how good you get at doing this stuff, you expect to earn anywhere from 75K to 200K per year.

Some of you work for large companies that want to expand onto the net or improve sales from your online stores. Others of you are working from your kitchen tables or basements and want to expand from the dirt world into the virtual world, knowing that there’s a lot of money to be made on the internet. You know what? You’re right. I’m going to show you the tools and give you the knowledge you need.

Some of you want to set up an online store. It is possible to do everything yourself. You can take the orders, pack the boxes, do the books, do the inventory, and the marketing, but it may be easier to partner with someone who has in-depth knowledge and is very passionate about a product.

Essentially two people can create a very effective team. One person is the web master, graphic designer, copy writer, marketing person. The other is a product person who does sales, order taking, fulfillment and shipping.

Depending on how large you want your company to be, each task described above might have their own department, but on the internet you decide how big your company will be and how fast it will grow. On the internet you can compete with any company, regardless of size. The most important thing to remember is not to grow faster than your customer service capabilities.

If you do not have a product to sell on the net, you can find one. And it doesn’t have to be a dirt world product made out of atoms. It can be a digital product consisting solely of bits, virtual zeros and ones, simply an idea or information.

Just think of something you’re really passionate about, identify a key problem area, think of a solution to the problem. Think of something that will save time, save money, relieve pain, or cause pleasure. By solving the problem you come up with a solution. It’s the solution to the problem you can sell over the internet.

The amount of money you make will depend on the size of the problem you solve. The more common the problem, the more money you will make by solving it. Be careful about creating something that caters to the rich. People who cater to the rich are called maids and butlers.

Think about catering to the common people, think of things like paper clips and envelopes and cell phone batteries. Solving the problems of everyday people is what will make you rich.

Just a side note here, you will see plenty of references in this book to cellular phones and accessories, as I’m using my old client as my main internet marketing success story. They continue to be the living laboratory for many of my virtual experiments and we will be using them as our role model throughout this book. The same internet marketing I use to promote them can be applied successfully to any product or service.