Where is the Internet Market Going in 2020 and Beyond?

The face of the web is changing as it moves to a more commercial model. The big corporate giants are awake and it won’t be long before the internet is a commercial medium just like television, radio, print and everything that came before. It will go – for the most part – commercial, it has to! Sure we’ll still have some free search engine listings, our home pages, our little corners of the net, but expect the big money to continue rolling in and control the advertising you will see, and believe me you will see a lot more advertising. As bandwidth increases we will continue to see a growth in audio commercials over the web, more full page ads, more pop up browser windows, more email in our inboxes every day. The difference now, is companies that own big chunks of the telecommunication networks and bandwidth, will get together Continue Reading

When Top Placement in Any Search Engine Was Easy

I first wrote the following direct marketing piece in the spring of 1997. I sent it by fax, by email and autoresponder. Not only did it bring in a slew of new business but it shows the importance of search engine positioning. Even today, your position in the search engines is critical to the success of your business online. I feel that it is more important than affiliate programs, paid banner ads, newsgroup postings, and links from other web sites. Your position in the top of the search engines will have a direct effect on how successful your online business will be and how many calls and orders you get. All you need to do is invest the time to practice the techniques you are about to learn in this book. (Please note, some of these search engines have ceased to exist. This letter is intended to show a snapshot Continue Reading

Why Your Internet Marketing Can Never Be “Finished”

When is the internet marketing going to be finished? This question gets asked far too often, even by marketing professionals, and it is clear that a lot of them just don’t get it. Is Toyota or Ford ever finished? Is McDonalds or Burger King ever finished? We all know who they are and what you can get from them, but they continue to advertise. Sorry if my question comes across as an obvious rant, but I only point it out because the marketing manager of a major corporation actually asked me, “When is our internet marketing going to be finished?” Well according to the American Retail Council, “Companies that advertise less than the national average have sales less than the national average. Companies that advertise more than the national average have proportionately higher sales”. What’s important to understand is that your internet marketing is never finished. Search engines change how Continue Reading

The Beginnings of Internet Marketing

Slowly the internet has evolved, and almost daily, people are waking up to the enthusiasm I discovered back in the fall of 1994, when I first used a browser called Mosaic (in pre Explorer or Navigator days) and realized that Gutenberg (his invention of the printing press) was about to happen all over again. The internet would be as important as the invention of print, radio, television, fax or the telegraph. And like the telegraph (that ended the Pony Express and threw thousands of people out of work overnight), we had better be prepared to adapt, change and embrace the new medium. That’s if we want to guarantee ourselves employment and make a lot of money in the future. In the beginning, internet marketing used to be a simple matter. A few newsgroup announcements, a few classified ads on AOL, a few tricks like hidden text on your web page, Continue Reading

Personal Requirements for Internet Marketing

A website that is up and running. The fastest way to get a website is to take a night or weekend course at the local high school. Most of them have you set up a five page site as a project and cover the basics. If you do have a website, please be prepared to take a good hard look at it, and possibly rework it from the ground up, based on the information you’ll discover in this book. Ability to use a personal computer and a fair working knowledge of the Windows operating system. Note that this is not a knock against other computing platforms. (I use a Mac for all my graphic production and daily operations.) It’s just that many of the software tools we require for internet marketing are programmed to run only on a Windows operating system. No worries though, if you have a Mac, you Continue Reading