The Beginnings of Internet Marketing

Slowly the internet has evolved, and almost daily, people are waking up to the enthusiasm I discovered back in the fall of 1994, when I first used a browser called Mosaic (in pre Explorer or Navigator days) and realized that Gutenberg (his invention of the printing press) was about to happen all over again.

The internet would be as important as the invention of print, radio, television, fax or the telegraph. And like the telegraph (that ended the Pony Express and threw thousands of people out of work overnight), we had better be prepared to adapt, change and embrace the new medium. That’s if we want to guarantee ourselves employment and make a lot of money in the future.

In the beginning, internet marketing used to be a simple matter. A few newsgroup announcements, a few classified ads on AOL, a few tricks like hidden text on your web page, and you would jump to the top of the search engines and the order lines would ring off the hooks. Ahh, those were the days.

The internet was not a crowded place and the big companies treated the world wide web more like a passing fad. They handed off their web site design to people who knew nothing about marketing, selling, partnering or lead generation, and their web sites just sat there like big static brochures. Some literally just scanned in pictures of their brochures.

Then people like me came along and put up interactive sites that boosted the visitor’s confidence, had a clear sales message, a call to action, asked for the order and actually answered the email.

I positioned my clients high in the search engines and their order lines began to ring.

My sites immediately made money for my customers, as well as saved money in customer service and support costs. Slowly people started to realize that good marketing is good marketing, all the old rules of advertising still apply, the internet is just another tool. And those search engines, they were great, the advertising was FREE, if you knew how to play the game.