When Top Placement in Any Search Engine Was Easy

I first wrote the following direct marketing piece in the spring of 1997. I sent it by fax, by email and autoresponder. Not only did it bring in a slew of new business but it shows the importance of search engine positioning.

Even today, your position in the search engines is critical to the success of your business online. I feel that it is more important than affiliate programs, paid banner ads, newsgroup postings, and links from other web sites.

Your position in the top of the search engines will have a direct effect on how successful your online business will be and how many calls and orders you get. All you need to do is invest the time to practice the techniques you are about to learn in this book.

(Please note, some of these search engines have ceased to exist. This letter is intended to show a snapshot in time.)

March 05 1997

Dear Marketing Manager,

Does your web site get enough visitors?

Internet World Magazine estimates that 95% of people find what they’re looking for on the internet by going to one of the top eight search engines, typing in a couple of “keywords” and clicking away on the results. I can get your web site in the top ten – the front page – of a search engine when someone types in “keywords” related to your product or service. How? I’ve spent years marketing web sites, years doing research and monitoring the results. I constantly test and review each major search engine to understand how they work.

Here is the positioning of some of my clients in major search engines as of Dec. 07 1997 (ahead of millions of other web sites) with their most important keywords.

* Dolden Walker Folick has #1 position on Infoseek for “insurance lawyers”.

* Abalene Sports Collectibles has #3 position on Infoseek for “world cup hockey”.

* Intermedia Press has #1 position on Excite for “Canadian printers”.

* Cell-West has #3 position on Excite for “cell phones”.

* Lighten Up has #1 position on Webcrawler for “Vancouver entertainers”.

* Budget Hotels has #1 position on Lycos for “inexpensive hotels”.

* Angus Miles Recruitment has #3 position on Lycos for “jobs Vancouver”.

Web page owners have found my search engine positioning techniques very effective in generating interest (read hits and sales) from all over the world.

Just imagine how valuable it is have a motivated prospect type in “keywords” related to a product or service like yours, then finding your product or service listed in the top 10. Did you know that people rarely look past the top 30?

If you want to be “found” on the internet, increase your hits and sales, your position in the search engines is everything!

One of my customers has NASA (yes the space agency) buying their product simply because, first in the search engines… first to get called. This can happen to you!

I have special techniques to enhance your web presence so you get in the top 10 – the front pages of any search engine – guaranteed, or you don’t pay! Call and order your customized search engine positioning today. You’ll be glad you did! There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain! All you have to do is to pick up the phone and call now.


Frank White

Providing successful online marketing strategies since 1988, I am a member of the University of British Columbia’s advisory committee for certificate courses in internet marketing.