Why Your Internet Marketing Can Never Be “Finished”

When is the internet marketing going to be finished?

This question gets asked far too often, even by marketing professionals, and it is clear that a lot of them just don’t get it. Is Toyota or Ford ever finished? Is McDonalds or Burger King ever finished?

We all know who they are and what you can get from them, but they continue to advertise. Sorry if my question comes across as an obvious rant, but I only point it out because the marketing manager of a major corporation actually asked me, “When is our internet marketing going to be finished?”

Well according to the American Retail Council, “Companies that advertise less than the national average have sales less than the national average. Companies that advertise more than the national average have proportionately higher sales”.

What’s important to understand is that your internet marketing is never finished. Search engines change how they operate almost monthly and you will need to adapt and change your pages, fine tune them or create new ones to keep up.

Just like any other form of advertising, your online promotions and internet marketing must be an ongoing process to keep your site in the top of the search engines and fresh in the minds of your customers and prospects. Be sure to align yourself with people that understand that they must commit ongoing resources (that’s time and money) to their marketing efforts.

All successful companies advertise. You would be wise not to waste your time with companies or managers, that do not understand this fundamental law of doing business, and are not willing to commit full time resources to the internet.

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